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How to maintain or progress an award

How to maintain your award for another year or progress to the next level

Healthy Working Lives (HWL) Award registrations and assessment visits were put on hold at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current pause in services has been extended while Public Health Scotland and NHS Boards work together to finalise future plans for the HWL Award. We will finalise the plan by the end of June 2022

Organisations holding a current HWL award will have their award extended automatically. The award criteria provides a useful framework for organisations to follow as a journey through improving staff health, safety and wellbeing at work. We encourage organisation’s to voluntarily maintain a record of their actions by using their e-portfolio and accessing support through their Health Board contact. We will be in touch with existing award holders in the coming months to explain decisions and the future processes.

Please see our services update page for more details.

​​​​Your award will be valid for one year from the date you achieve it. To maintain it, you need to complete an online annual review. The review looks at how you have been working to identify issues and improve health, safety and wellbeing in your organisation for the last 12 months. It also asks you to say what you plan to work on for the next 12 months.

The annual review takes place within six weeks before or after the one year anniversary of when you achieved the award. You will be sent an email alert to start completing your review. You can also discuss this with your local adviser or the national team.

Once you have submitted your annual review, an adviser will view what you have written and approve it. Sometimes there is a follow up discussion, with one of our advisers or the national award team, before the review is approved. The review should be approved within the six weeks before or after your one year anniversary.

Progress to Silver or Gold level

When you feel your organisation is ready, you can begin to work towards the next level of award. ​

Go to our award criteria publications​

Before moving on to the Silver or Gold award level, you will need to complete an online annual review of your current award level. This will follow the review process described above, except that you will not receive an email alert if you recently achieved your previous award. Your adviser or the national team will be able to help you if this is the case. 

Once the annual review has been approved by your adviser, you can proceed with submitting your Silver or Gold portfolio of evidence. For the Silver and Gold awards, you will need to benchmark, gather evidence and present your portfolio​ in the same way as the Bronze award. However at the Silver and Gold levels, your portfolio is reviewed and then an approved assessor will visit you.

The assessor will

  • meet with yourself and the rest of your organisation’s HWL team
  • interview employees one to one or as a focus group
  • tour welfare facilities such as kitchen and breakout areas.

The visit typically lasts between 2.5 to 3 hours. 

Get in touch with your local HWL adviser or the national team to discuss progressing to the next level of award.

​​​​Email phs.healthscotland-hwlaward@nhs.net​

A wide range of organisations have progressed to and achieved the Silver and Gold level. 

See who holds the award  ​​​