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What is the award?

How you will benefit and the support we offer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Healthy Working Lives award programme helps you identify issues and improve health, safety and wellbeing in your organisation in a structured and productive way.​ Organisations of any size can join the programme and we will support you at each step to achieve the award.

Benefits of the award

By achieving the Healthy Working Lives award, you will

  • have a healthier, more motivated and productive workforce
  • reduce absence rates and support employees in work and returning to work
  • reduce accidents, incidents and work related ill health
  • enhance your reputation and increase your profile
  • contribute to the health of the wider community.

​Our support

​Our support for you is free and confidential. We will offer you a health, safety and wellbeing programme to help you to 

  • develop clear and robust policies and practices, saving you money and making employees feel supported and valued
  • show you have high standards of health, safety and wellbeing in your organisation
  • find ways your organisation can be socially responsible and care for the environment.

​​​​​​Our approach is strongly supported by the Scottish Government and proven to improve employee morale and retention, as well as productivity. Your high standards will help you attract and keep employees and customers. 

Find out how to achieve an award​​​​

A wide range of organisations hold the Bronze award and many have progressed to the Silver and then onto Gold level. 

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