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How to achieve an award

​The steps for organisations new to the award programme

Pause of some Healthy Working Lives services

Some of our services are paused, including parts of the award programme. Please see our services update page for more details.

  1. Register and access your award portfolio
  2. Benchmark, record and present award evidence

2. Benchmark, record and present award evidence

Set a ben​​chmark​

The first step towards meeting the Bronze award criteria is to complete the following forms within your eportfolio

  • an organisation profile & checklist
These will show you where your organisation is at the start of the award programme. You will be able to use this as a benchmark against which to measure your improvement as you go along at each annual review. 

​Record your​​ evidence

 When working towards achieving an award, you will record evidence in your portfolio to show that you are meeting the criteria for the Bronze award.

Go to our award criteria publications​​ ​

Each of the record sheets must be completed. If you have a paper copy of the portfolio, then you will need to sign and date each sheet.

Present your po​​rtfolio

When you have recorded evidence to show you are meeting all of the award criteria in your portfolio, you are ready to present it for assessment.

For the Bronze award, your portfolio will be assessed by one of our HWL advisers.  Once an adviser and the organisation agree that the record sheet and the portfolio evidence meet the required standard, they will both sign these off. This process is repeated until all of the record sheets are completed.

Once the final record sheet has been signed off, the adviser notifies the national team that you have achieved the award. The Bronze award letter and certificate will be printed and sent to you within 3 working days. 

Please contact your HWL adviser when you are ready to present your portfolio for assessment.​

​​​Email phs.healthscotland-hwlaward@nhs.net​