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How to achieve an award

​The steps for organisations new to the award programme

Pause of some Healthy Working Lives services

Some of our services are paused, including parts of the award programme. Please see our services update page for more details.

  1. Register and access your award portfolio
  2. Benchmark, record and present award evidence

1. Register and access your award portfolio


To join the programme, you need to register with us. When you register for the award, the national award team will set up your online portfolio (known as an eportfolio). We will send you a welcome email followed by secure emails with your username and password for your eportfolio. We will then contact the local Healthy Working Lives (HWL) team who will be in touch with you within a couple of days. They will guide you through the criteria.

Organisations who are new to the programme register for the Bronze award. Your award will be valid for one year from the date you achieve it. During that year you work on maintaining the award and, if your organisation is ready, progress towards the Silver and the Gold awards. 

​​Access your portfolio

Once you have joined the programme, you can start to gather your eportfolio of evidence to show your organisation meets the criteria for the Bronze award.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can request a hard copy portfolio.

​​Access your eport​folio​ ​

Access the employee wellbeing survey

Once you have joined the award programme, you can access and tailor your survey in order to meet one of the criteria for the Bronze award.

Please sign in and then return to this page to access your survey.

If you need any help accessing your eportfolio or surveys tool, you can email us.

​​​​Email phs.healthscotland-hwlaward@nhs.net​​​