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Number of questions: 12.
Approximate time to complete: 15 minutes.​

These 12 questions will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in basic health and safety. Based on your answers, we will recommend areas of improvement for your organisation so you can create your own action plan. You will be able to download and save the recommendations and your plan, so you can make and monitor your improvements. 

We can offer you free and confidential advice if your organisation is based in Scotland. If your answers suggest that you would benefit from additional free support from Healthy Working Lives, you will be able to say if you want us to contact you.​ ​​


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Health and safety action plan


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Your action plan

Below is a summary of your answers as well as recommended areas for improvement for your organisation.

There is space within each point to record actions you plan to take, who will be responsible for these and when they should be completed by.

You can save your action plan and then print it out. We recommend sharing it with all of your staff and involving them in developing your actions.

Speak to one of our advisers by calling 0800 019 2211.

Actions we recommend you take


Improvements you should consider


Good practice you can maintain


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