Surveys tool

Use this to carry out the Employee Wellbeing and Work Positive surveys

About the Surveys tool

The surveys tool contains two surveys – Employee Wellbeing Survey and Work Positive.

It is designed for organisations who are Healthy Working Lives (HWL) award registered users, Work Positive users and also HWL advisers.

Both surveys are confidential and anonymous.

Employee Wellbeing Survey

The Employee Wellbeing Survey is split into different sections:

  • About you
  • Organisational and workplace environment
  • Lifestyle behaviours
  • Health, safety and wellbeing at work

All sections and questions within the survey are mandatory with a number of questions tailored to the organisation. It is designed to meet the HWL award criteria in full.

This survey is a quick way of gathering health, safety and well-being information from a large number of employees and can be sent to all or a sample of employees in the case of a larger organisation.

Where a sample is preferred it is essential that the employees sample is random and representative of all grades and levels.

Work Positive

Work Positive is a stress risk management resource, developed to support employers to identify and reduce the potential causes of stress in the workplace.

The process is aligned with the HSE Management Standards and recognised by HSE as a recommended tool to help work towards the Standards.

The Work Positive process involves planning and securing commitment, a questionnaire (to distribute to all staff to allow comprehensive assessment of the potential causes of stress at work), followed by consultation, action planning, monitoring and review.

Benefits of the surveys tool

There are many further benefits to using the tool:

  • all your information is contained in a secure area
  • you can create a survey and re-run a survey
  • your results can be compared with other organisations of similar size or sector
  • your results can be directly exported to Excel
  • you will receive automated emails and alerts at certain points in your survey journey
  • you can access the tool on any mobile device