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Surveys tool help

If you are experiencing difficulty using the surveys you can use the information on this page to help. You may need to discuss the items listed with your I.T. department.


The Healthy Working Lives Surveys Tool makes use of JavaScript technology. If your computer has JavaScript disabled you will experience difficulties. You can test if JavaScript is enabled on your computer at the following website.


The surveys tool sets several cookies on your browser to store essential information relating to your session. If cookies are disabled on your browser, you will not be able to log into the surveys tool.

Cookies belonging to the following domains are essential for the tool to function properly.


Firewall issues

The surveys tool loads resources from multiple Content Delivery Networks. You must ensure the following domains are whitelisted in your firewall rules to ensure the tool functions properly.


Caching issues

Clearing your browser cache can help in certain situations where the surveys tool is not responding as expected.