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Information on training courses provided by Healthy Working Lives


​Healthy Working Lives provides a range of free* training courses to employers in Scotland to support them in improving the occupational health, safety and well-being of their staff. A healthier workforce really does make for a healthier business.

We have different delivery styles of training available to suit all business needs and we work closely with our partners and customers to review and develop our training.

Our customer feedback also shows that our customers love our training products and would recommend them to other customers, (source: NET Promoter score of 75% of our customers being Promoters in 2018-2019).

*a cancellation fee may apply for late cancellation or nonattendance.

  1. Online learning - learn anytime and anywhere
  2. Face to face training
  3. Train your own staff - approved trainer

​2. Face to face training

While many things can be done virtually in the digital age, physical interaction remains a great way to learn. This style of training also develops communication and relationship skills. Learners gain from the depth of information and experience that is imparted to them by the trainer.

HWL in collaboration with the 14 health boards in Scotland provide a range of Face-to-Face training across all regions covering a broad range of topics.

We have an online booking system for our Face-To-Face training allowing you to book online at your convenience and choose a location that is also convenient. Don’t forget these courses are also free*.
* a cancellation fee may apply for late cancellation or nonattendance.

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