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Information on training courses provided by Healthy Working Lives

All face-to-face training is suspended until further notice due the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Although face-to-face training is currently unavailable, we at Healthy Working Lives provide a range of free training courses to employers in Scotland to help improve the occupational health, safety and wellbeing of their staff. 

We also have materials you can use to train your own staff.
  1. Online learning – learn at your own pace
  2. Face-to-face training – currently suspended
  3. Train your own staff – become an 'approved trainer'

​1. Online learning – learn at your own pace

We offer an extensive range of online courses created in conjunction with Public Health Scotland. You can access them on our virtual learning environment (VLE) (external site).  

Each course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and can be done at any time. 

There is an assessment at the end of each course. You can print or download a completion certificate if you have passed the course (you need at least 80% to pass most courses). 

You will need to create an account on the VLE site before finding out more about a course or starting a course.


These are the courses we provide and what they cover

  • Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace (external site) – the impact of alcohol and drugs on the workforce, and employer and employee responsibilities
  • Mentally Healthy Workplaces (external site) increase your awareness of mental health in the workplace
  • Health Risks at Work (external site) the risks to breathing, skin, touch, hearing, muscle bones and joints and wellbeing
  • Driving Risks at Work (external site) developed by the Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (SCORSA), this has guidance on driving at work
  • Managing Safety and Health the Basics (external site) basic health and safety knowledge and information to assist you in ensuring you meet current health and safety laws
  • Support Staff Attendance (external site) this module provides support in managing absence from work (sometimes referred to as absence management)
  • Violence and Aggression in the Workplace (external site) this course has been co-written with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust
  • Sensible Risk Assessment (external site) this explains the basic concepts around the risk assessment process and gives you access to materials and further resources to help you complete a risk assessment. We also have a more advanced module available as a train your own staff toolkit.
  • Improving Workplace Health – Introduction (external site) – the main concepts related to workplace health and the relationships between work and health
  • Improving Workplace Health – Legislation (external site) – the main provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other legislation. The module also looks at the main elements of a typical safety management system and risks associated in the work environment.
  • Improving Workplace Health – Common Hazards (external site) covers the hazards and risks associated with chemicals, electricity, manual handling, the use of display screen equipment, and fire
  • Improving Workplace Health – Workplace health and well-being (external site) – the main concepts in relation to health promotion and how they could be applied into practice in the workplace. It also looks at the main health topics that should be considered for optimised workplace health and wellbeing
  • Improving Workplace Health – Planning and Reviewing (external site) the main concepts and steps that you can follow for planning and reviewing workplace interventions
  • Improving Workplace Health – Occupational Health (external site) – identify issues that would benefit from occupational health interventions in the workplace and gain an understanding of what good occupational health does and offers for workplaces
  • Stress and the workplace (external site) the relationship between pressure and stress and how this can impact on wellbeing. This course provides guidance to supervisors, managers and employers to help them understand their role in managing stress at work, and how to assess the risk of stress in their organisation.

Go to the online learning area to create an account and start learning


We work closely with our partners and customers to review and develop our training.  

Our customer feedback shows that our customers love our training products and would recommend them to other customers. 

The feedback from our customer survey in 20182019 shows that 75% of people using our courses would recommend them to others.

Blended learning for managers and supervisors

Our programmes of combined online and face-to-face training are still going on, but the face-to-face aspect has been suspended.  

You can still do the online part, and we can catch up with the face-to-face when the easing of Coronavirus restrictions allows us to do so.

We currently offer 2 manager/supervisor courses that use this blended approach Mentally Healthy Workplace Training for Managers, and Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace Training for Managers and you can start the online elements of these now 

You will need to create an account on the VLE site before finding out more about a course or starting a course.