Some of our services have changed. Please see our services update page for more details

Healthy Working Lives services update

An update on the services provided by Healthy Working Lives

Following a review of health and work services by Public Health Scotland, the range of services offered under Healthy Working Lives has changed. Public Health Scotland and NHS Boards are working together to finalise future plans and if you are registered for a Healthy Working Lives Award, your local health board team will be in contact with you.

Services that are no longer available from Healthy Working Lives are

  • Adviceline and online enquiry service
  • Get updates (automated service updates)
  • Healthy Working Lives Award 

You can continue to access the following areas

  • Health Improvement information - information is available online and through local Health Board teams to support your work to improve staff health    
  • completed Employee Wellbeing Surveys - you can continue to access the survey data by using your existing passwords
  • online training courses - this includes remote elements of blended learning.  These are available through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform
  • face to face training courses - where HWL face to face training is offered, online booking will be available
  • online accounts – these can be set up to access self-service online functions such as completing a risk assessment forms
  • the information and resources on this website will be maintained and updated to ensure that information is correct

NHS Health Board support for Healthy Working Lives

Find contact details for your local health board