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COVID-19 workplace risk assessments

Information on carrying out workplace risk assessments during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

A risk assessment is a systematic method of looking at how work activities could increase the risk of your employees being exposed to or spreading COVID-19 while at work and deciding on suitable control measures.

These control measures should seek to eliminate, reduce or control the risks of transmission to employees and others.

You should involve employees in the risk assessment process and consult them to reach joint solutions for managing COVID-19 risks in the workplace.

To assess these risks you need to follow the same steps on the links below.

  1. Identifying hazards and evaluating risks
  2. Deciding on precautions
  3. Recording findings and implementing them
  4. Reviewing assessments and updating if necessary

3. Recording findings and implementing them

Once you have evaluated the risks and decided on precautions you should record your key findings on a template (such as our risk assessment template). You only need to keep a written record of your risk assessment if you have five or more employees. It is strongly recommend however, that all organisations do this.

It’s likely that while assessing risks you created a list of actions that require attention. You should prioritise them and make sure that there are enough resources to take them forward. You should also give them an appropriate deadline and check that they have been completed.

It’s very important that you share the risk assessment with employees.