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COVID-19 workplace risk assessments

Information on carrying out workplace risk assessments during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

A risk assessment is a systematic method of looking at how work activities could increase the risk of your employees being exposed to or spreading COVID-19 while at work and deciding on suitable control measures.

These control measures should seek to eliminate, reduce or control the risks of transmission to employees and others.

You should involve employees in the risk assessment process and consult them to reach joint solutions for managing COVID-19 risks in the workplace.

To assess these risks you need to follow the same steps on the links below.

  1. Identifying hazards and evaluating risks
  2. Deciding on precautions
  3. Recording findings and implementing them
  4. Reviewing assessments and updating if necessary

4. Review assessment and update if necessary

You should monitor the controls you have put in place and review your risk assessment regularly to make sure that your controls are working. There isn’t a specific time frame for this. 

Make sure that you consult with employees regularly, and you discuss whether the control measures are working. You should also monitor absence records and make sure that you are acting upon COVID-19 cases in the workplace. This could be an indication of how your control measures are working.

It’s important that you keep up to date with information from Public Health Scotland and the Scottish Government. You should use their information to review your risk assessment and ensure that your control measures are in line with any new guidance available.