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Equality and diversity

Your legal requirements and reasonable adjustments you can make

​​​​​​​Equality means treating people fairly, to value and respect them regardless of their natural characteristics. Diversity is about creating a culture which values individual differences and variety for the benefit of society, individuals and organisations.

Use the links below to find information on your legal requirements for equality in the workplace. You will also find t​ools and resources to help you make reasonable adjustments to support employees.​

  1. Equality and diversity legal duties
  2. Ill health and disability
  3. Supporting fair work

3. Supporting fair work

Fair work is work that offers effective 

  • voice 
  • security
  • respect 
  • fulfilment
  • opportunity.

It balances the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers that can benefit

  • society 
  • individuals
  • organisations.

This includes keeping people motivated through an involved career path. It also involves having a whole person centred approach to career development. 

The Fair Work Convention was established in 2015 following a recommendation of the Working Together Review. Their remit is to drive forward fair work in Scotland. It is about fair work becoming a hallmark of Scotland’s workplaces and economy.

You can find out more on the Fair Work Convention site.

Visit the Fair Work Convention site to find out more​