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Healthy eating

Benefits of promoting healthy eating at work and ways to do this

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Your employees spend a large part of their day in the workplace and are likely to eat one or more meals, and snacks, while there. This means that, as an employer, you have the opportunity to positively influence their eating habits. You also have the chance to increase awareness of healthy eating and the role it has in overall health.

Here you can find information on why you should promote healthy eating at work and some suggestions on how you can do this in your organisation.

Why promote healthy eating at work?

Poor diet is a significant contributor to Scotland’s poor health record. By positively influencing eating habits in your organisation, you can help to address this.​

Eating a healthy, balanced diet can significantly improve your health and wellbeing. It can improve quality of life and reduce the risk of major illnesses such as

  • heart dise​ase
  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • cancers.​

If eating habits improve in the workplace this can carry over into the family environment. It can also potentially have further reaching effects for other family members.

Healthier employees will in turn benefit your organisation. It can result in reduced sickness absence and increased productivity.

How to promote healthy eating at work

There are a number of things you can do to encourage and promote healthy eating in your organisation.

Suggestions include

  • Provide fruit bowls - so employees have fruit to snack on throughout the day.
  • Stock vending machines with healthy foods - so the quick and easy option is not sweets and fizzy drinks.
  • Have a central place for sharing healthy recipes - giving employees ideas and suggestions.

Register for our Healthy Working Lives ​award programme

If you sign up for our Healthy Working Lives award programme then you will be given guidance and support to help you develop and implement healthy eating activities at work. This award is a health, safety and wellbeing award for all types of organisations.

We will also provide you with guidance on food preparation and serving methods.

​​Register for our award programme

Register for the healthyliving awa​​rd

This award is only open to establishments with catering. If you have catering facilities that offer food to employees or customers then we would encourage you to take part in the healthyliving award.

It offers support and recognition for serving food that enables healthier eating.

Visit the healthyl​iving award website to find out what it involves. You can also call for an informal chat on 0141 414 2880.

Visit the healthyliving award site to register​