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Health risks at work

Raising awareness of health risks in the workplace

Health Risks at Work is a national campaign to inform and educate workers and their managers about some of the common health risks experienced in many workplaces.

Every organisation is invited to become involved in the Health Risks at Work campaign. They can identify, and manage, the common risks to health associated with work activities and pass information and support on to other organisations who could benefit.

The campaign is supported by

  • Healthy Working Lives
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Safety Groups UK
  • Society for the Prevention of Accidents.
  1. Managing health risks at work
  2. Further support on managing health risks

2. Further support on managing health risks

Below you will find more advice on how you can identify and manage health risks.

Working with local Safety Groups

Safety Groups UK is working with the network of local safety groups around the UK to reach out to SMEs and promote the Health Risks at Work campaign.  Safety Group members are often experienced health and safety professionals who can give some of their knowledge and support to organisations who do not currently have this expertise.

Visit The Safety Groups UK website

The Health Risks at Work campaign involves free support or mentoring from Healthy Working Lives and Safety Groups UK.

You can call Healthy Working Lives (Scotland) on 0800 019 2211.

The Health Risks at Work campaign is supported across the wider health and safety community by organisations who are committed to improving health at work. These include

You are invited to register for the Healthy Working Lives news updates where you will hear more about the Health Risks at Work Campaign and Healthy Working Lives activities.

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