Health and safety policy

Why you need one, what to include and how to make your own

A health and safety policy is a document that describes how you manage health and safety in your organisation.​​​​​​

Here you can find information on why you need one and what it should include. We have also provided you with a sample policy statement and a form you can use to create your own.

Do you need a health and safety policy?

All organisations employing five or more people must legally have a written health and safety policy. We recommend however, that all organisations have one.

This is because it allows you to take some time to think about potential issues and how to address them. This could save you time and money.

What should it include?

When creating your health and safety policy you should consult with your employees. With their experience, they may think of things to include that you have not.

Your policy should include:

  • a statement of intent, showing your commitment to having a safe and healthy working environment
  • a list of who is responsible for what
  • information on how your main health and safety i​ssues will be managed

To give you an idea of wh​at a health and safety policy should look like, we have created a sample one.​

C​reate your own policy

You can create your own health and safety policy using our online form.

​Once created, it should be​:

  • shared and made easily available to all employees
  • reviewed regularly

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