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Helping learners and apprentices understand health and safety risks

LOcHER is a new approach for Learners and Apprentices to help them identify and understand the health and safety risks in their area of study. It allows young people and new workers to learn about the risks and showcase how they can protect their own, and fellow workers health, safety and wellbeing. This experience can then be taken into the world of work.

  1. What is LOcHER?
  2. What is the aim of the LOcHER initiative?
  3. How can I get involved with LOcHER?

2. What is the aim of the LOcHER initiative?

LOcHER is designed to deliver risk identification and control experience throughout the curriculum for college students and apprentices. Employers can use the same approach to engage workers, to help

  • simultaneously learn about their subject and health and safety in practical, innovative and interactive ways
  • take appropriate actions and protect their health and the health of others in colleges and in the workplace
  • embed good practice on key health risks and the ways of controlling them, helping everyone to be safer.

Past students say that the LOcHER initiative helped them

  • learn a range of new skills
  • practice existing skills
  • highlight their involvement in the project
  • in job applications and when attending interviews
  • make learning about H&S and occupational health interesting and fun, improving their confidence and enjoyment of learning
  • have something extra to contribute to their new workplace.

How will my college or workplace benefit from using LOcHER?

Principals, curriculum managers, lecturers and health and safety professionals have found that LOcHER

  • supports a diverse range of learning approaches and skills development including practice-based and self-directed learning, critical thinking, research, communication and leadership skills
  • helps to develop positive attitudes and H&S awareness enhancing learners' future employability
  • helps colleges demonstrate the nature and value of H&S skills development to employers and the community
  • supports learners essential, life and employability skills development
  • aligns with the principles of Curriculum for Excellence, providing opportunities for personalisation and choice and supporting innovation in teaching
  • supports the 5R's – recruitment, retention, results, recognition and rewards.