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How to carry out a risk assessment

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A risk assessment is a systematic method of looking at work activities, considering what could go wrong, and deciding on suitable control measures. These control measures are designed to eliminate, reduce or minimize the risks of loss, damage or injury in the workplace.

It is a legal requirement for all organisations to carry out a risk assessment. If you have five or more employees you must also keep a written record of it.

Use the links below to find information on the steps you should take when performing a risk assessment in your organisation. 

  1. Identify hazards in risk assessment
  2. Establish who might be harmed and how in risk assessment
  3. Evaluate and decide on precautions in risk assessment
  4. Record and share key findings of risk assessment
  5. Review risk assessment regularly

​The first thing to do when carrying out a risk assessment is identify potential hazards in your workplace. Think of what could go wrong and how people could get hurt or made ill.

You should

  • speak to your employees - they may be aware of hazards that aren't so obvious to you
  • observe the tasks carried out by your employees
  • check your accident, near miss and ill-health records
  • read instructions for tool and equipment - they will inform you of hazards
  • check the information contained within safety data sheets for hazardous substances
  • consider other situations - such as problems with equipment, machinery, maintenance or cleaning.

Common hazards

Some common hazards that could be found in your organisation include

  • adverse weather
  • biological agents
  • display screen equipment
  • electricity
  • fire
  • hazardous substances
  • lone working
  • machinery
  • manual handling
  • noise
  • slips, trips and falls
  • stress
  • vehicles and workplace transport
  • vibration
  • violence and aggression
  • working at height​​
  • working in confined spaces
You can find out more about these in our safety and health risks​ sections.

​Carry out a risk assessment

​Once you are familiar will all the steps explained in this guide, you can carry out a risk assessment using our form.

​Use our risk assessment form​