Method statement

Information and guidance on what a method statement is and how the method statement is used

A method statement is a clear explanation of how you are going to manage risks identified during the risk assessment.

A method statement is an addition to the risk assessment, to help your planning and ensure that there are enough resources to carry out the task safely.

The method statement describes the process, steps and resources required to carry out a task safely without risks to health.

You should also ensure that the employees carrying out the task are competent to do it and that you provide enough supervision.

You use the method statement to clarify your emergency procedures and what first aid arrangements you will have on site.

It should explain what your employees should do if something goes wrong.

For example, you might identify a risk of fire or explosion, then your method statement should clearly explain how to minimise the risks and deal with any incidents that might occur.

You need to ensure that employees, managers and supervisors are familiar with the method statement prior to starting the task.

They also need to be aware of the processes and control measures explained on it and how to follow these.

You are not required by legislation to create method statements but they will help you identify and then explain the control measures that need to be in place to carry out complex tasks.

Method statements are commonly used within the construction sector, and it’s quite common that you would ask for them along with your risk assessments before the start of the job.

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