Case studies

Find out about how other organisations have incorporated mentally healthy working processes.

Many businesses, large and small, are already leading by example and thinking creatively about ways to promote mentally healthy workplaces and how to support the wellbeing of their staff, including moving towards models of hybrid working to support more flexible working arrangements.


The engineering sector often involves a male-dominated workforce working at inhospitable hours and locations. Babcock’s Head of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality talks about their approach to tackling mental health stigma and discrimination.

Burness Paull LLP

The high performance culture of the legal sector can make it hard to be open about mental health issues. Burness Paull’s Director of HR and Operations discusses their approach to tackling this stigma and discrimination.


The Co-op is a very large organisation spanning retail, legal, insurance and funeral services. Their approach involved a complete overhaul and the creation of a dedicated mental health team.


Recognising that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to mental health and wellbeing, Costain worked with employees as well as others from across their supply chain to see what changes could be made to their working culture.


Changes to the working lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic led to Deloitte examining how to support mental health and wellbeing within flexible working and distributed teams.

Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport is a fast-paced environment employing hundreds of people. By being proactive about managing mental health and wellbeing and the use of Mental Health First Aiders, they reduced staff mental health absence and received excellent feedback via Occupational Health.


As a small technology organisation with 43 employees, PODFather used flexible working approaches and wellbeing coaches to support mental health and wellbeing, resulting in happier employees and lower staff turnover.


With a workforce of over 200,000 people, Santander approaches job design in a way that helps all individuals maintain work/life balance, as well as working to reduce mental health stigma and discrimination.


Scotrail worked with managers on eradicating stigma by example and making sure they were confident in supporting workers’ mental health and wellbeing.

Zurich Insurance Group

Mental Health First Aiders, family friendly policies and wellbeing hubs and networks all helped to support the mental health and wellbeing culture at Zurich Insurance Group.