Train your own staff – become an 'approved trainer'

We have set up a training resource which ‘approved trainers’ can use to train their own staff. As an employer, you can apply to use this.


This type of training offers you the opportunity to use our face-to-face training resources free within your organisation.

Becoming an approved Healthy Working Lives trainer gives you access to a variety of training courses and also gives you the opportunity to be involved in the development of future training courses.

It is also an excellent way to network with other organisations.


The current course list includes the following, but you can expect to see more courses appearing

  • Sensible Risk Assessment
  • Supporting staff Attendance (available soon)
  • Driving risks at work (built in collaboration with ROSPA and ScORSA)

Each downloadable training course comes with training presentations and trainers workbook.

We also provide course evaluation forms for delegates, unless you want to use your own.

Who can apply

If you would like to become a Healthy Working Lives approved trainer, you will need to be able to show us that you have

  • experience of delivering training/teaching effectively
  • good interpersonal and communication skills
  • basic knowledge of health, safety and wellbeing at work
  • enthusiasm to prevent or reduce incidents, accidents and ill health at work
  • an understanding of the benefits of a safe and healthy workforce
  • support from your organisation to deliver the courses in-house.

Evaluation of approved trainers

All elements of HWL service delivery are part of an ongoing evaluation programme, which is monitored by Healthy Working Lives and one of our partner agencies. 

Approved trainers will have to be able to support this by

  • delivering at least one HWL course each year 
  • submitting data to HWL on numbers of delegates completing the courses.
Approved trainers are also encouraged to attend one of our occasional half-day update sessions.  
We may also ask you to attend a course/networking session, or issue evaluation questionnaires through you to your delegates.


Registration steps 

  1. You complete the registration form (external site). 
  2. We will review the registration and issue a password if the registration is successful.
  3. You can then log on to the training pages, download your course(s) and use them.
  4. Tell us what you thought of the course(s) once completed.

Terms and conditions

With the register form, we will ask you to read and agree to a simple terms of use agreement. This will include that you agree to

  •  record the frequency of the HWL courses you deliver and the number who received the training, and to feed this information back to us 
  •  log at least one course delivery per year to remain on our register (we may remind you to do this)
  •  not charge for any part of any HWL course.

Log in

If you have already registered, you can just log in (external site).