Supporting employees with long-term health conditions

Information on the importance of and how to perform a personalised risk assessment for an employee returning to work with a long term health condition

Risk assessment and health conditions

It is important to ensure that a personalised risk assessment is carried out and identified risk reduction measures, both mental and physical, are put in place to help the individual remain at work. A risk assessment should be carried out when an employee:

  • reports a health condition that could impact on, or be affected by work activities
  • requires work adjustments
  • plans to return to work

The key areas a return to work risk assessment should include are:

  • physical aspects of the work, including impacts on others
  • physical demands and limitations – ergonomic or job design changes
  • impact of fatigue and medication on work tasks
  • psychological demands of the work
  • if work involves the use of any hazardous substances which may be contraindicated whilst receiving treatment
  • risks of infection
  • the journey to work (how far, mode of transport, time of day)
  • access requirements at work (parking facilities, toilet facilities)
  • driving as part of their job role for work
  • work breaks in the working day
  • managing working hours with flexible working or prohibiting overtime
  • emergency planning
  • if working at home, ensuring the environment is safe and ergonomically sound