Home working

General information on home working

Home work overview

​Home working is the ability to carry out work tasks from home and can take many forms. This could include:

  • workers who divide their time between home and the workplace
  • mobile workers who work from home as an administrative base
  • workers performing overtime

Sometimes the tasks are carried out:

  • on a one-off basis
  • for a short period
  • to allow rehabilitation for a worker returning after illness
  • to support a better work-life balance

Many tasks are largely desk-based, but there are jobs performed by home workers that involve the use of equipment, machinery, or substances that may be harmful to their health or other people present in the home. This work could include light assembly work, or finishing off clothing on behalf of a larger organisation.

This information is current, but it is important to consider issues in your workplace that are specific to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and make suitable arrangements to keep your staff safe. For more information and advice on working safely, read our COVID-19 guidance