Workplace inspections

Information on who can carry out workplace inspections

Who can carry our workplace inspections

A number of people can carry out inspections. People outside of your business, such as enforcement officers, insurers, consultants or specialist inspectors or engineers, may carry them out. You should not depend on these external inspections alone to make sure your workplace is safe.

Employees, trade union safety representatives, supervisors or managers may be a part of the inspection team or they may be called upon to help with certain aspects of the inspection to provide advice and information on any matters identified. It is important the inspection team includes people with suitable expertise to provide advice and information on any matters identified during the inspection.

Good practice in carrying out inspections

Some good practice to follow when carrying out workplace inspections includes:

  • agreeing a programme of inspections in advance so you know what, where and when you are inspecting
  • deciding on who will carry out each inspection, to make sure they have suitable expertise
  • inspecting together by involving management, supervisors and employee/trade union representatives (this will strengthen relationships, create more commitment to health and safety and offer a wider outlook on potential issues)
  • organising inspections to avoid duplication of roles on the inspection team
  • consulting specialists, including health and safety advisers, for their advice and experience
  • dividing up inspections to make them easier to carry out within the time available
  • making sure you have gathered enough information to write a report on your findings if you need to