Equipment maintenance

An overview of why maintaining workplace equipment is important

Maintenance equipment overview

It is important to understand your responsibilities for keeping work equipment in good working order, how often you need to maintain it, and where you can keep a record.

You need to carry out maintenance to ensure the workplace structure, equipment, machinery, fixtures and fittings and facilities are in good working order.

Inadequate maintenance can lead to dangerous situations, accidents and health problems.

It includes many tasks, such as:

  • repairing
  • replacing
  • servicing
  • inspecting
  • testing

There are 2 main types of maintenance work.

Routine or preventative maintenance

This is planned, and includes scheduled inspections, repairs and replacement to make sure everything continues to work.

Corrective maintenance

This is needed when things go wrong or breakdowns occur. This demands reactive, unplanned action to be taken to get things up and running again.