Assessing risk of violence and aggression in the workplace

Information on how to risk assess the potential for violence and aggression in the workplace in unplanned for scenarios

Dynamic risk assessment for violence and aggression

While risk assessment is a vital part of the process, employees can still face situations which may not have been addressed, or that they are unaware of.

You can train employees to recognise the potential for aggression and remove themselves from the danger before it occurs. This process is called dynamic risk assessment. This is the continuous process of identifying hazards, assessing risks and taking action to eliminate or reduce risk while carrying out associated tasks.

By examining these areas, the employee decides where the threat is coming from and how it can be dealt with. The aim is to make the employee aware of dangerous situations and take actions to remove themselves from it.

It’s also crucial to ask employees to report any incidents that occurred to them, and to share their experiences and learned lessons. This can help you to prevent incidents from happening again.

You can read more information about reporting systems in relation to violence and aggression actions.