Cookies overview

We need by law to inform you about the cookies we store on your device. Cookies are small text files stored in your browser when you visit a website. Cookies in themselves do not identify individual users but only the computer used and activities undertaken whilst on the site.

All the cookies we set on this site are deemed to be minimally intrusive in terms of your privacy. By continuing to use this site you imply that you consent to these cookies being set.

Your consent to cookies

On your first visit to the website, you will see a bar at the bottom of the site informing you that we use cookies and inviting you to acknowledge the message by clicking 'Accept cookies'. If you do click 'Accept cookies’' the bar will be removed on all pages and on subsequent visits.

You do not need to click 'Accept cookies' and the site will continue to function as expected. If you do not click 'Accept cookies' the bar will appear the next and each time you visit our site. If you clear your cookies or use another browser, the bar may be displayed again.

Cookie types

Essential cookies

Some cookies are classed as strictly necessary, as the website won’t work without them. They are essential to allow you to navigate our site and to make sure the core processes work.

When you enter the website, your computer will automatically be issued with cookies which identify your computer to our server.

Non-essential cookies

Other cookies are non-essential and are classed as performance cookies. They are used to collect information in aggregate about how visitors use our site. This data is used to make informed decisions on whether the site is meeting your needs, which leads us to making improvements. You can control use of these the site in Cookie settings.

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Cookie settings

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are needed for the website to work and cannot be turned off.

Non-essential cookies

Non-essential cookies are used to store information about how you use the site and can be turned off.

Controlling cookies

Most modern web browsers allow users to control cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit or