Cookies used on this website

Essential cookies

Cookie consent

  • cookie-notification-acknowledged
  • cookie-statistics

We use the cookie-notification-acknowledged cookie to control the display of the cookie bar on the website.

Hosting platform

  • ARRAfinnity
  • ARRAfinnitySameSite

We use these cookies for load balancing our application and ensures that, during any browsing session, the users's page requests are forwarded to the same server.

Survey pop-up

  • hidePopupHwlSurvey1

We use this cookie to control the display of a pop-up window inviting our users to complete a survey.

Session cookies

  • ASP.NET_SessionId

We use this cookie to identify the users session on the server to store data in between the user's page requests.


  • __RequestVerificationToken

We use an anti-forgery token to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. It guarantees that the user posting a form is the one who gets the form.

Content Management System


When a user logs in to make changes to, the Content Management System (Umbraco) issues further cookies to authorise access. This is also a necessary function of

Optional cookies

Google Analytics

  • _ga
  • _gat_UA_XXXXXXXXX_1 (where X is a number)
  • _gid

We use Google Analytics to monitor traffic levels, search queries, visits to this website, how frequently pages are viewed, and the city and country of origin of users. This helps to determine what is popular and can influence future content and development. The information collected will include IP Address, pages visited, browser type and operating system. The data will not be used to identify any user personally.

Google Analytics stores IP addresses anonymously on its servers in the US. Public Health Scotland and Google do not associate your IP address with any personally identifiable information.

These cookies enable Google to determine whether you are a return visitor to the website, and to track the pages that you visit during your session.

View more information from Google on its use of analytics cookies on websites.