Instruction and training

Information on who needs what level of health and safety training amongst your employees

Who needs health and safety training

Providing training and instruction to your employees will help you ensure that they know how to work safely and that they understand how risks to their health are controlled.

The level of training required is identified during a workplace risk assessment.

For example, technical equipment such as forklift trucks may require an in depth training, instruction and supervision programme.

While Display Screen Equipment (DSE) may only require basic training to allow the user to self-assess risks of the workstation and DSE equipment.

It’s very important that you include your employees in the risk assessment process.

The information and training employers provide needs to be easy for the employees to understand and follow.

You also need to consider and make arrangements for those whom English is not their first language. Employers have a duty to communicate and co-operate with other employers who share the workplace.