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Hybrid and flexible models of working

Flexible working practices are often an important part of supporting people’s mental health, providing mutual benefits for both workers and employers.

What is the right approach for my business?

Each workplace will have its own unique circumstances and there will be a number of elements you need to take into account when considering hybrid and flexible working models. These include the mental health and wellbeing benefits to workers as well as business priorities. 

Flexibility Works define what flexible and hybrid working can mean for your organisation and how to both support your employees and continue to build a strong business.  

"Employer has been brilliant with an emphasis on employee wellbeing over deadlines, flexible working, actively providing a virtual 'kitchen' for people to drop in and have a chat, regular updates on crisis with copious links to online mental health help."

2021 survey respondent

Guidance on hybrid working

Current Scottish Government COVID-19 guidance on safer businesses and workplaces encourages employers to consider the implementation of a hybrid approach to working, with workers spending some time in the office and sometime at home where it can be done safely.

Although these guidelines discuss issues around COVID-19, having strong hybrid and flexible working practices will support your workers’ mental health on an ongoing basis.

"Allowing me the safety and comfort of home, but also allowing me to work at an adjusted pace. This has meant I have not missed work through ill health and have recovered quicker. My manager has also been a tower of strength and support when listening to me during particularly difficult and emotional times."

2021 survey respondent

"I live on my own and a great part of the issue is my isolation throughout lockdowns, so maintaining my attendance at work is actually therapeutic."

2021 survey respondent

ACAS and Flexibility Works have produced advice on working from home and hybrid working. 

View ACAS advice on working from home and hybrid workingView Flexibility Works hybrid working: a guide for managers

Ongoing research

The working landscape changed very quickly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many organisations are still undertaking research into these changes. 

View the CIPD 'Flexible working: lessons from the pandemic' research View the CIPD 'Health and wellbeing at work' researchView the STUC Working from home survey: preliminary findings (PDF)

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