Returning to work

If a worker takes time off work due to poor mental health, you need to make sure they return in a supported way.

It's often possible to support a worker to keep working when they are having mental health problems. However, sometimes the right approach is for them to be signed off work for an appropriate amount of time.

If someone has taken time off work due to a mental health issue, there are several steps you can take to encourage and support them when they are ready to return to work in the most suitable, supported way.  

“The flexibility of working from home has been a great boost to me, particularly when I received a further mental health diagnosis... My Line Manager has been very supportive and is happy to take direction from my mental health team on when/if I should return to the office, how many hours/days etc as well as agreeing to any time off for appointments.”
- 2021 survey respondent

Find advice

ACAS and the CIPD both provide advice on managing return to work after a mental health related absence.


You can also find out more in our ill health and absence section.

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