How to carry out a risk assessment

Information and guidance in determining who may be at risk of harm how they are at risk when carrying out a risk assessment

Establish who might be harmed and how in risk assessments

Once you have identified potential hazards, you then need to establish who might be harmed and how.

You don't need to list everyone by name. Identifying groups of people is enough, such as:

  • employees
  • customers
  • visitors
  • contractors
  • any other person that could be affected by your activities

Remember that special consideration should be given to people who could be vulnerable, and for this reason more at risk of injury or ill health. This includes:

  • new and expectant mothers
  • agency and temporary workers
  • new workers and young people
  • migrant workers
  • lone workers
  • people with disabilities and long term health conditions

Carry out a risk assessment

Once you are familiar with all the steps explained in this guide, you can carry out a risk assessment using our form.

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