How to carry out a risk assessment

Information and guidance on how to successfully record and share findings from your risk analysis

Record and share key findings of risk assessment

Once you have evaluated the risks and decided on precautions you should:

  • record your key findings on a template
  • prioritise your actions
  • set deadlines to achieve them by
  • share this information with employees

You only need to keep a written record of your risk assessment if you have five or more employees.

It is strongly recommended, however, that all organisations do this.

Risk assessments will be among the first pieces of evidence requested by the enforcement authority in the event of investigation following and adverse event such as an accident or breach.

You should keep your risk assessments for at least 3 years.

Any records relating to health should be kept for at least 40 years.​

​Carry out a risk assessment

Once you are familiar with all the steps explained in this guide, you can carry out a risk assessment using our form.

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