Employer responsibilities to workplace drivers

Your responsibilities as an employer to protect your workers whilst driving for work

Employer responsibilities to workplace drivers

Driving is a work task carried out by many workers. Vehicles can be used on work sites and on public roads for work. As so many of us drive in our home and leisure time, we tend not to consider the risks in a work context.

In many workplaces, driving is considered a secondary activity. However, if your staff use vehicles to drive to a place where they will carry out their job, then the driving task is a work activity using work equipment. For many, driving is the most dangerous element of their working day.

As an employer, it is important that you understand your responsibilities and take steps to keep your workers and members of the public safe.

To help your workers understand the risks and their responsibilities, it is useful to develop a driving for work policy covering the types of vehicles and driving activities carried out in your organisation.

Once you are clear on these activities, using the risk assessment process will help you manage these risks.